Xiamen in April is beautiful and quiet. As an important central city, port and scenic tourism city along the southeast coast, Xiamen is a national comprehensive reform pilot zone. It has become a cross-strait regional financial service center and a cross-strait trade center. The development of modern urban infrastructure is also a top priority and indispensable.

Recently, the construction of Baolong city square project in Xiamen, Fujian Province, is in intense progress. The main force of construction, led by SEMW H350MF, helps the construction of beautiful Xiamen with the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection.

It is reported that Xiamen Tong An Baolong city project is undertaken by Xiamen Zhanhao Real Estate Co., Ltd. the total number of piles in this project is 307, the diameter of PHC pipe piles is 500mm, two sections of a set of piles are 28-29m deep, and more than 200 piles have been completed. Due to the large amount of work, there are 11 similar equipment entering the site. The H350MF hydraulic hammer has the technical characteristics of double acting force. The pile sinking efficiency has obvious advantages in similar products, with an average of 15 sets of pile sinking per day. It stands out from many pile machines and strives to tackle the tough task.


Xiamen Tong An Baolong city project

SEMW, as a pioneer in promoting the construction and development of the bay area, has made achievements in a number of municipal projects in Fujian and contributed to SEMW. The H350MF hydraulic hammer of SEMW has the technical characteristics of low noise, low vibration, energy saving, environmental protection, reliability and double action. It has carried out piling operation in many places in Fujian Province, showing good operation performance.

Case 1: in July 2020, a PHC pipe pile with diameter of 800mm, 4 sections and a set of pile depth of 50-55m will be constructed in the third center of Changle in Fuzhou. Due to the large diameter and special geology of the construction pile of the project, which needs to pass through the sand layer and other factors, the construction has a certain degree of difficulty coefficient, and the average number of hammers per pile is 1400. H350MF hydraulic hammer can sink 6 sets of piles in one day, with a total of 100 sets.


The third center of Changle in Fuzhou

Case 2: in December 2020, a PHC pipe pile with 800mm diameter and 45m depth was constructed in Zhanggang Binhai New Town, Fuzhou. The construction pile diameter of the project is large and the geology is special, almost all of which are sand layers. H350MF hydraulic hammer is facing new challenges. The penetration of the last section of pile is relatively small. The average number of hammers to complete a set of pile needs to reach 1600 hammers. Normally, 6 sets of piles can be formed every day, and a total of 150 sets of piles can be sunk.


 Zhanggang Binhai New Town, Fuzhou

In the construction of major infrastructure projects across the country, SEMW equipment has become a well-known construction tool in complex geological environment, showing a new role in promoting infrastructure construction. Over the years, SEMW has always regarded innovation and R & D as the company’s core competitiveness, closely following the global equipment manufacturing and construction technology frontier, delivering the brand value of “professional service, value creation” to the industry and users all the time, and jointly building a beautiful home.

Product introduction of H350MF hydraulic pile hammer

The H350MF hydraulic pile hammer is a simple hydraulic hammer which uses hydraulic energy to lift the hammer core, and then relies on the potential energy of gravity to hammer the pile end into the pile. Its working cycle is as follows: lifting hammer, dropping hammer, penetration and reset.

The H350MF hydraulic pile hammer has compact structure and wide application range. It is suitable for the construction of various pile types and is widely used in the construction of pile foundation such as buildings, bridges and wharves.

Construction advantages:

Low noise, low vibration, energy saving, environmental protection and reliability;

In double action mode, the ratio of energy to hammer core mass is large;

The system has good reliability and comprehensive mechanical performance;

Flexible configuration, wide application range and strong control ability;

Post time: Apr-12-2021
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